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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 5, 2018 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. good morning, america. this morning, assassination attempt. the president of venezuela calling himself a target. shielded on stage during a military celebration. soldiers were sent running. the government saying drones armed with explosives were detonated at that ceremony, but was it something else? the big push in ohio. president trump's full-court press to help a republican candidate locked in a tough election as he feels the fallout from insulting hometown hero lebron james, and is melania perhaps taking king james' side here. wild weather. this small town devastated by a tornado while in the west this
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deadly fire burns out of control and claims a seventh life. dueling protests. an extreme right wing group taking to the streets of portland, facing off with counterprotesters. skirmishes breaking out. this reporter injured. the weapons confiscated at the scene. and this morning serena's struggles. dropping out of next week's big tennis tournament just days after the most lopsided defeat of her career. what may be behind her decision. good sunday morning, everyone. good morning, america. both ron and rob have the morning off, but we are happy to have the lovely and talented eva pilgrim with us at the desk with us. great to have you, eva. and sam champion is here with the weather this morning. >> we're hiding him for now but he will be on, i promise. >> just for now. >> i promise. we begin here, though, with the breaking news overnight.
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a possible assassination attempt playing out on live television. look at this. the controversial president of venezuela giving a speech when according to government officials an attack is launched via drones carrying explosives. >> you can actually see bodyguards rushing in to shield the president. meanwhile, many of the soldiers breaking rank and running away. so many questions here. was this really an assassination attempt or something else? abc's erielle reshef is here with more. erielle. >> reporter: good morning, eva. chaos erupted on the streets of venezuela as officials say explosives suddenly dropped from the sky. the venezuelan president believed to be the target. this morning the state department warning u.s. citizens in the country to shelter in place. overnight dramatic video showing pandemonium as venezuelan president nicolas maduro dodged an apparent assassination attempt. the south american leader and his wife wincing as they look to the sky. audio on this live state broadcast going silent.
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ickly shielding the president il from what venezuelan officials say were explosives allegedly dropped from drones. maduro was attending the 81st celebration of the venezuelan national guard. soldiers seen breaking rank and scrambling amid the chaos. maduro unharmed and defiant, addressing his country following the incident. [ speaking a foreign language ] saying, this was an attempt to kill me. today they attempted to assassinate me. placing blame squarely with the far right opposition, also accusing neighboring colombia of colluding, saying colombian president, juan santos, was involved. claims the colombian government calls baseless. maduro even saying he believes those who financed the attack are in miami, and he hopes president trump is wilng t fight the terrort groups. but the associated press reporting firefighters at the scene dispute the president's account, saying the incident was actually a gas tank explosion inside a nearby apartment.
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this comes at a time when the country has been rocked by anti-government pres opposition groups blaming the president for chronic food and medicine shortages. and venezuelan officials say several people were injured. the u.s. state department is urging americans not to travel to the country as it is under the second highest travel advisory. u.s. officials saying american citizens already in venezuela should keep a low profile, avoid crowds, and, guys, avoid demonstrations. >> quite a scene. >> very dangerous. >> thanks, erielle. we move on now to domestic politics. president trump passing on an opportunity to double down on a feud. >> a rare passing for him. this happened at a rally or rather more accurately did not happen at a rally overnight in ohio. the president declining to fire more shots in his war of words with hometown hero lebron james but is the first lady taking lebron's side? abc news white house correspondent tara palmeri has more from columbus. tara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and eva. it's his third stop on the trail
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this week, and he left the lebron james controversy on the bench, instead stopping in states he won, pennsylvania, ohio, florida where republicans face tough races ahead. overnight, president trump riling up an overheated crowd in ohio days ahead of a crucial special election. >> this room was not designed quite for this crowd, and you people are hot. so much for my brand-new beautiful suit. >> reporter: republican congressional candidate troy balderson neck and neck with his democratic challenger, danny o'connor, in the republican stronghold that president trump won by 11 points, and it's the last special election before the midterms seen as a bellwether for an expected democratic wave. >> vote for troy balderson. he's going to help everybody. they're going to get the job done. i mean, the fact is we need more republicans. >> reporter: but first president
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three-time nba champion lebron james, originally from akron. this after james told cnn's don lemon that the president is using sports to divide the country. >> what i noticed over the last few months, that he's kind of used sport to kind of divide us. >> reporter: president trump firing back in a tweet. quote, lebron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made lebron look smart, which isn't easy to do. i like mike -- an apparent reference to michael jordan. but jordan is siding with the current king of the nba saying in a statement, quote, i support l.j. he's doing an amazing job for his community. first lady melania trump's communications director also taking a different position, supporting james, saying, quote, her platform centers around visiting organizations, hospitals and schools, and she would be open to visiting the i promise school in akron. but in ohio the president leaving behind the james feud. instead praising another one of the state's luminaries,
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republican congressman jim jordan, who has been embroiled in a scandal over whether he ignored sexual abuse when he was a wrestling coach at ohio state university. jordan denies the allegation. >> what a great defender he's been. what courage. i'll tell you what, there is a brave, tough cookie. i don't want to wrestle him, he's tough. >> reporter: that ohio crowd seemed to be standing by jordan, giving him a hero's welcome, even chanting "speaker of the house." he's seen as a top contender for that leadership role, that is, if the republicans keep the house. guys. >> and that's the big question. tara, thank you so much. a lot to talk about here, so let's bring in our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos, who's hosting "this week" later this morning. >> hey, guys. >> good morning, sir. trump was on the trump three times this week. trump said he's going to be engaged in the midterms all the way through. when he goes out and campaigns, is it good or bad for the local republican? >> what we've seen so far, when he gets involved in a primary race and goes out there at the last second either coming out there on the stump or sending out a tweet, it helps that person win the primary, a republican primary.
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the big question for the general election, the midterms, the special election coming up in ohio on tuesday is, when trump goes out there, the race is already about trump. does he end up driving the republicans to the polls, guaranteeing a victory, or does he drive even more democrats to the polls? that's the real open question. but the fact that he had to go to this district three days before the special election, this was a district that he won by 11 points, this is a rock hard republican district, before the president's appearance yesterday, it had become a dead heat. >> should have been -- should be an easy win. let's talk about this battle with lebron. this is not good for the public discourse. but melania's camp then releases that statement as you saw in tara's piece that said she would be open to visiting the school in akron. do you think she's taking sides here, or is this just a coordinated effort to mitigate the damage that's been done? >> what do you think? >> probably the latter? >> oh, no. >> the former? >> i think she's saying what she thinks. i think she's having her communications director say what she thinks. i mean, if this were recorded, the president could take it back if he wanted to by himself.
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he could have said something yesterday if he wanted to. and i think we've seen evidence of this before. when the first lady feels strongly about something, she's not afraid to put out what she thinks. >> or wear it on her jacket. >> exactly. >> so you also have jay sekulow on the show today, he's a key member of trump's legal team. it's a big week for trump as far as deciding if he's going to participate in the special investigation. any indication as to how -- >> we're going to ask him about that, whether he's going to agree to an interview. they've been dragging out these negotiations for months so far. we did report earlier this week that special counsel robert mueller has agreed to limit some questioning but still wants to also stick to some questions about obstruction of justice as well. we're heading into the end game on that decision, and it's really a game of chicken now between the president and robert mueller. who's going to back down first. will the president submit to an interview or will he tough it out and force the possible subpoena from robert mueller. that's a big decision for mueller as well. but it's one of the questions
7:10 am
that we're going to ask jay sekulow today and also talk about that new reporting in "the washington post" this morning that one of the things that may have precipitated the president's outburst this week is more increasing concern about his his son, don junior, and his possible implication in all this. a lot to cover with jay sekulow. >> if there's a subpoena, what kind of crisis could that precipitate? >> that's going to go all the way to the supreme court. if the president defies the subpoena, refuses to comply, with the subpoena, takes it to the court, that could go all the way to the supreme court. we don't know how that's going to play out. it could also take months and months and months, excuse me. >> george, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. as a reminder, george as always has a big show this morning. as we mentioned, he's going to speak exclusively with jay sekulow, a member of trump's legal team. plus, governors john kasich of ohio and jay inslee of washington discussing the midterms and looking ahead to 2020. and governor kasich is going to weigh in on trump's attack on lebron james. it is all coming up on "this week" right here on abc. george, thank you again. >> thank you, george. a busy show for you. we want to move to portland and there were tense hours as extreme right wing protestors took to the streets and were met by counterprotesters.
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>> abc's marcus moore is there with a look at the heavy police presence to keep the peace. marcus, good morning. >> reporter: paula and eva, good morning. a much calmer scene here in portland after what was a full day of protests. portland police arrested four people, and at one point they used rubber bullets to disperse a crowd. dueling protests hitting a boiling point in the streets of portland. alt-right and far left groups clashing, police turning to flash bangs and tear gas to disperse an unruly crowd. police say some protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers. the tension in the city starting with a rally hosted by far right group patriot prayer, the group's pro-trump leader running for senate. >> do you guys agree with me that the people at the top are laughing at us right now? >> reporter: but far left anti-fascists or antifa groups attempting to drown out the patriot prayer rally in a city
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a jostnjed during e protest left bleeding from the head. this morning a look at the items portland police say they seized as potential weapons including shields donning confederate flags, a knife, wooden rods, and at least one fireworks mortar. this is the third patriot prayer rally this summer. at least one person was seriously injured when a demonstration turned violent in july. police declared that protest a riot. [ chanting ] this weekend's demonstration in portland comes nearly a full year after the unite the riot rally in charlottesville. the next day an alt-right sympathizer ramming his car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing 32-year-old heather heyer. mavs the concern going into this weekend's demonstration that perhaps it might be a repeat of that protest. portland police say three people were injured in saturday's demonstration. dan. >> i guess that is good news. marcus, thank you very much. a lot of other news this
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morning. ron is off this morning.isbsen'. oup demanding stricter gun laws. survivors of the parkland school shooting showed up to remember one of their fellow students, joaquin "guac" oliver, who was killed in the massacre and would have turned 18 on saturday. we move overseas to china and chilling video to show you of a desperate mother seen tossing her two children right there out of their burning building to save their lives. witnesses say she first threw a sheet down to the people below so they could catch her 3-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. the children survived. sadly, though, the mother did not make it out in time and perished in the fire.s have bee in the pro football hall of fame in canton, ohio. bobby beathard, robert brazile, brian urlacher, randy moss, ray lewis, jerry kramer and brian dawkins. they all took the stage saturday
7:14 am
night for the honor while former wide receiver terrell owens became the first living player to not attend the enshrinement sker -- ceremony deciding instead to deliver a speech at his alma mater, the university of tennessee at chattanooga, where he dedicated the honor to anyone who has ever felt overlooked and misunderstood. finally, a new spin on ride sharing. look at this guy in michigan. he's giving $5 rides in his horse and buggy. he calls himself the amish uber. his customers who are also part of the local amish population there say they're loving it. we should be clear just for the lawyers, this is not really uber. this gentleman, like many in the amish community, does not have a cell phone so you actually have to flag him down on the street. >> i love that. >> he says the horse is friendly and gives kisses. >> i love it, just five bucks. what a bargain. >> five bucks. >> absolutely. >> wonder how far he'll go. >> probably not around manhattan. so, yeah. >> i sure could have used that in yesterday's storms. e cleanufromhose
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>>sshusetts the was a rno.asthn it did a lot of damage. three buildings in one town there condemned while in the west a new death was reported in that massive carr fire. you have all of that this morning. >> i mean, think about it. normally august is a very quiet month, but this weekend has been anything but. we just had all that flooding on the east coast, the fires in the west coast and now two new england tornados. overnight these images of storms in the east hammering millions, even triggering scenes like this. a weekend of bad weather, here webster, massachusetts, an ef-1 tornado with winds of up to 110 miles an hour barreling through, buildings destroyed, leaving piles of bricks in the street, cars smashed under this rubble. >> so, the roof of this first building came off and landed on top of the car. >> reporter: trees and power lines down and this main street in shambles. >> we probably got about 30 to 50 people right now that are homeless. >> reporter: in the west, the
7:16 am
ferguson fire near yosemite growing overnight, now burning more than 81,000 acres. also in california the death toll from the carr fire rising again as that fire continues to ravage the state, seven people now dead. governor jerry brown asked for and received federal help. so far more than 181,000 acres scorched. okay, good news for the coast in the east. those storms are out. now we'll look at very active storms that are going on in the midwest. already a severe thunderstorm watch. watch this little bow echo pop up there. in those strong storm, 80-mile-per-hour winds, an inch to 2 1/2 inches of hail. you can see the storms have already run out of the box there. so, i expect you'll get a brand-new watch box a little bit east. let's talk about where the storms are likely to roll today. because of that cold front anywhere along them, you'll see it's about eight states from cheyenne into green bay, the possibility of severe storms, and looking really for some damaging winds and the potential for hail. we've already seen that this morning. let's talk a little about what's going on out west and when i mean out west, we'll show you what that line of storms looks
7:17 am
like this morning, but then we get out to what is hurricane hector. we're watching that little hurricane really get a little weaker this morning. it's still a category 3. the deal with hurricanes and hawaii is we expect this thing to go a little bit south of the islands there. that's not -- it doesn't need to be a direct hit. really can cause some problems with some flooding rain and some winds. good morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. temperatures will be slightly cooler today due to a stronger sea breeze of about 10 to 20 miles per hour, even gusting in the hills up to 35 miles per hour. san francisco, partly cloudy, 66 degrees. oakland, plenty of sunshine, 72 degrees. san jose, 84 degrees. and some of our warmest inland locations will be in the low 90s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. things start to warm up tomorrow, getting hot wednesday, thursday, and even into fridayay in the next half-hour we're
7:18 am
going to take a look west because we've had a little break in the heat but it comes back roaring this week and that could make the situation much worse for the fires that are out there, now and even new fires. >> sam, i have a question for you, not weather related. is that okay? >> don't answer it. we warn you, don't answer this question. >> i was tricked into this already. i thought it was weather related. >> i noticed you're wearing big boy shoes like a grown-up. but yesterday you wore sneakers on set. yesterday you -- so what happened? did somebody publicly shame you into getting new shoes? >> actually, i don't think anyone would have noticed. call me silly. but there was an anchor who called it out to america. and i think his name is dan harris. >> yeah, i don't want to name any names. >> he's just closing the circle on the public humiliation. >> exactly. >> did you buy those shoes yesterday? >> indeed, i did, so that i wouldn't be publicly shamed, however, that has not worked. >> because dan harris made fun of you. it backfired. >> eva, he's loaded, don't worry about it. he can handle it.
7:19 am
>> we love you, sam. >> thank you, sam. we love you. so much fun to pick on him. let's turn to some sports news. how about that. tennis superstar, serena williams, she dropped out of a tournament in canada just days after tweeting about the struggles that she's facing being a working month and less than a month after an inspiring performance at wimbledon. less than a week after suffering the most lopsided defeat of her career, serena williams is putting redemption on pause, pulling out of next week's rogers cup tournament, citing personal reasons. >> i think we can probably chalk it up to the fact that she's a new mother who had a very difficult childbirth and had very serious complications after that. >> reporter: while the details behind her withdrawal are unknown, as a new mom williams has been open about the challenges she's faced returning to the court. >> i had such a long struggle to come back, and it was really difficult. i have been doing absolutely the
7:20 am
right thing every day with the exception of probably the main thing, which is breastfeeding. >> reporter: tweeting this message before last week's crushing defeat. "today was particularly difficult having to leave olympia ohanian today to go to work. i guess some days are harder than others." >> serena has been struggling in dealing with those issues too, and she's chosen to go public with that and to be a role model for moms. >> reporter: after her surprising run and eventual defeat in the wimbledon finals, serena took to the mike with this message. >> to all the moms out there, you know, i was playing for you today, and i tried. >> reporter: her latest loss leaving many fans wondering if the eight-time u.s. open winner will take the court in just 22 days to reclaim her throne. so she is still scheduled to play beginning this saturday in cincinnati at the western and southern open. keep in mi she's oy trnen since s >> she really had a traumatic delivery. >> she really did. >> she's been recovering.
7:21 am
>> she almost lost her life. >> oh, wow. >> i know, but it is tough choosing to go back to work. it's always a struggle. sometimes i wonder why i choose to subject myself to the humiliation of coming to work instead of staying home with my kids. >> she's referring to the fact that sometimes off camera i make fun of her a little bit. >> all the time. >> maybe. >> all the time. >> all in love. all in love. >> you, on camera. that's the difference. >> okay, i got it. >> all right, and coming up on "gma" this sunday, caught on camera, the deadly confrontation between this man and a deputy under investigation this morning. we'll tell you how the situation quickly escalated. plus, an update on demi lovato, a lot of people rooting for her. the next step in her recovery process. we're going to tell you about that. also, singer jessie james decker sparking a breast-feeding debate on social media. dr. ashton shares what moms need to know. we'll be right back. "good morning america" is sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue.
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abc 7 mornings -- >> all news -- >> all morning. >> good morning. i'm kate larsen. berkeley police are bracing unry band wpo at c nd in an effort to prevent violence. last year, officers arrested
7:28 am
manner dozen people when clashes broke out. the so-called no to marxism in america 2 is expected to happen at civic center park at noon. counterprotests are also planned. and frances ding last sn he -- dinglasan is here with a look at our weather. >> satellite imagine, clouds all the way inland. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. cooler in novato, 50. san jose, a little bit milder, 56 degrees. today's highs will warm up close to yesterday's numbers, but a little bit cooler with that 10 to 20-mile-per-hour sea breeze. san jose,
7:29 am
7:30 am
we do welcome you back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, we have breaking news overnight of an alleged assassination attempt on the president of venezuela. nicolas maduro was rushed off the stage during a military celebration. the government says drones armed with explosives were detonated. the white house not commenting on the incident but is saying begin combing p rhas been brie through the ashes to find out c readults and two children were killed in that crash. and on a more cheerful note this morning, a biology teacher in cincinnati has touched down
7:31 am
in england, completing his solo row across the north atlantic. bryce carlson took off from st. john's newfoundland on june 27th. officials still have to confirm this bit, but it looks like his 38-day, 2,000-mile trip shattered the previous record by two weeks. >> give it to him. >> yeah, let's give it to him. why not. >> rowing your boat. >> no way on this green earth i'm ever going to do anything like that. just give it to him. i say you got it. >> adrienne says he's got it. he's got it. also coming up, the road to recovery for demi lovato. we'll tell you what's next for the singing star after that alleged drug overdose. we start with the disturbing confrontation captured on a deputy's body cam. >> it shows the deputy dealing with a man who refuses to cooperate. the situation then leads to shots fired. this morning the sheriff is defending his deputy's actions and abc's stephanie ramos is here with more. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. well, the entire altercation is caught on the deputy's body camera, the incident lasting several minutes before deadly shots are fired. overnight, disturbing new video
7:32 am
showing the dramatic moments a florida deputy fatally shoots a 29-year-old man, the deputy responding to a domestic disturbance for emmanuel alquisiras, confronting the man seen here. >> got a call saying there was a fight between a guy and a girl. >> reporter: moments later the situation escalates. the struggle prompting the deputy to fire his taser. alquisiras refuses to cooperate and tries to grab that taser. >> hey, let go of the taser. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: when alquisiras doesn't comply, the deputy draws his gun, firing multiple shots. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: the situation chaotic. those from the house tend to the man on the ground as the deputy waits for backup. >> i didn't want to. [ bleep ]. >> what are you doing? >> no, man. >> i'm freaking out right now. >> reporter: sheriff mike chitwood says he stands behind his deputy 100%. >> watching that video, i see a woman who's scared for her life
7:33 am
at the hands of an abuser who i believe even toward the end wanted to show that he was in total control of what was going on. >> the shooting remains under investigation. the deputy involved is now on administrative leave. now, some are questioning if the deputy's actions were justified. >> yeah, but it sounds like the boss has her back at this point. >> absolutely. >> stephanie, thank you very much. appreciate it. let's switch gears and get back to the weather now with sam, properly dressed today. hey there, sam. >> we can't see his shoes. can we zoom out a little bit. there we go. >> there they are. >> perfect. >> they're not the bright, funky tennis shoes. all right. let's get to the boards. we've got a lot to talk about this morning. we're going to deal with the western fires. we have about 68 uncontained large wildfires burning in the west right now. that number really hasn't changed much. there are some small fires that are sparking as well. we expect that problem to continue inte athore heat. we'll showflags warnings and ex heat watches out. it looks like this almost every day and will now expand. watch these numbers, a little cooler for redding and fresno and bakersfield when you're looking at sunday, but they
7:34 am
start to click up again tomorroo gog to seehat area of high pressure stay in place in the west and just act like a heat pump one more week, and that means 103 to 107 in redding. 4 now, you're saying california is hot this time of year, but it's normally around 100 but getting to a several-day run well above that is going to be a problem for the vegetation and the fires that are going in central and northern california. southern california, not much better. look at palm springs, 114, 115. 109, 112 degrees, that's big heat in that area. the heat does start to spread a little bit east. when we get to monday, tomorrow, you'll notice the temperatures are coming back up and so is the humidity. but at least we've got some dry days ahead, and hi, i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. here's your 12-hour planner. during the 7:00 hour, still cloudy, especially at the coast. the clouds pull back, it will become breezy this afternoon and gusty over the hills. inland, highs will be in the >> all that weather was brought to you by amazon echo.
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my fashion however is brought to you by dan harris. >> why? oh! you guys are wearing the same shirt. you know what -- >> that too. >> you're twinsies. >> oh, my word. >> we're twinning. >> different ties. >> if you can twin with sam champion, you're doing something right. >> we need a side-by-side who wore it better. >> oh, no. let's not do that. >> this guy. >> i know who's going to win. i know who's going to win. sam, yeah. coming up on "good morning america," what's ahead for demi lovato following her alleged overdose almost two weeks ago. and the big developments involving "the brady bunch" house. adrienne is going to have that in "pop news." ♪ here's the story adrienne is going to have that in "pop news." ♪ here's the story in pop news. ♪ here's the story
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back to "good morning america." it has been almost two weeks since demi lovato was rushed to the hospital after her alleged overdose in hollywood hills. >> and now we' what she plans to do when she's released, which would come at any moment, and abc's will carr is right out there outside the hospital in los angeles with more. hi, will. >> reporter: good morning, eva and paula. you may remember that lovato has been very open talking about her battles with substance abuse.
7:40 am
now, this morning her family and her friends all pulling for her to get healthy and happy. ♪ i will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper ♪ >> reporter: this morning reports that demi lovato plans to check into rehab this weekend following her overdose on july 24th. >> ems 11, following engine 97 already on the scene unconscious. >> reporter: a source close to the pop star telling "people" magazine lovato will go straight to an impatient facility says it's her choice to go to rehab. this is not anything that can be forced. this comes two weeks after she was reportedly treated with narcan following an alleged overdose at her home in los angeles. lovato has remained hospitalized since, suffering medical complications. >> sources say demi lovato is in good enough health to leave the hospital this weekend. when that time comes, she'll go immediately into an inpatient facility. ♪ i'm so sorry i'm not sober anymore ♪ >> reporter: this relapse coming on the heels of lovato's hit song "sober" released last month
7:41 am
in which she admits in the song to struggling with sobriety. eight years after lovato checked into this residential treatment facility for women battling addiction, an experience she shared with robin roberts. >> i was just kind of shocked to be in such a different environment. >> reporter: according to the national institute on drug abuse, 40% to 60% of people with substance abuse disorders experience relapse. >> one of the common denominators with long-term recovery is a connection to other individuals that are also in recovery. >> reporter: now the source telling "people" lovato understands the severity of her overdose, adding she wants to be sober, she wants to get help. she understands that it will take a lot of work and commitment to stay healthy, but this is what she wants. so far lovato's camp not commenting. the people we are hearing from, her fans, especially on social media. many people saying how proud they are that she's decided to go to rehab, and they are backing her 100%. guys, back to you. >> you know what, there are a
7:42 am
lot of people rooting for her and the fact that she's open about this, and this is how recovery can go sometimes. sometimes relapse can be a part of recovery and by going back in and staying committed, i think she's setting a good example there. >> thanks to will for that reporting. we're all pulling for her recovery, and there's so much to learn from that vulnerability as well. >> thank you again, will carr. coming up on "gma," the picture that's causing a bit of a frenzy on social media. is jessie james decker drinking and breast-feeding here, and is that okay? we're going to talk to dr. jen ashton about that. keep it here. re.
7:43 am
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♪ we ♪ welcome back, everyone.
7:46 am
in today's "weekend download," we are setting the record straight on breast-feeding and drinking, and this is a timely question because of this photo posted by singer jessie james decker in which she's nursing her baby while holding what appears to be a cocktail or a glass of wine in her left hand. now, comments on the picture range from this, quote, drinking alcohol while breast-feeding equals poison for the baby. unless this is nonalcohol this is stupid beyond belief. and then another comment, yes, mama, love, love, love. so, joining us to set the record straight is our chief medical correspondent, jen ashton. jen, you have delivered your share of babies, 1,500. i will admit, full disclosure, i nursed all three of my kids with a glass of wine in my hand because that's what my lactation consultant instructed me to do. one glass while nursing. so what is the science? >> okay, first of all, not a lot because again we can't do controlled studies where we're going to be giving breast-feeding or lactating women a lot of alcohol and then testing it in their breast milk.
7:47 am
but the thinking here is that as long as the mom does not feel inebriated or buzzed, the amount that is passed along to the baby is minimal in breast milk and that an occasional alcoholic beverage in a breast-feeding woman will not harm the baby. it takes about 30 to 60 minutes for anything that's consumed to go through the mom's blood and pass into breast milk, and when the mom feels better and that's cleared from her blood, it's cleared from the breast milk at the same time. the other interesting thing here and probably because your lactating consultant recommended it to you is that when mothers are tense when breast-feeding, and, by the way, it can be painful. >> it's very painful. >> exactly. >> and they're never the same, by the way. >> that's right. it can actually inhibit the letdown reflex, so a little bit of alcohol can actually help the letdown hormones. so in the kind of lactation wives kind of circle, a little bit is thought not to be harmful. >> it relaxes the mom and allows the milk to let down. so, finally, let's ask you about the notion of pumping and dumping when you've had too much to drink.
7:48 am
>> right. so normally when we say pump and dump, that's a woman using a breast pump, that's for medications that are actually dangerous or contraindicated or viruses or some kind of infection in the mom. it doesn't really work as well for alcohol but we have to remember, paula, any time you see anything dealing with a woman's breasts, it becomes global news and everyone feels like they can weigh in -- >> you saw what just happened to jessie james decker. >> i think what we have to remember, yes, there are clear benefits to breast-feeding, both for the mom and the baby, but it's not always logistically possible for every woman and it's not always something that the mom chooses to do. so when i counsel women on this, i say the operative word in breast-feeding is feeding and a woman needs to feed her baby the best way she thinks and the best way for her, and everyone else needs to stay in their lanes. >> let's stay out of the judgment zone. >> right. >> dr. jen ashton, great advice, thank you so much. and we're going to be right back with "pop news." to be right back with "pop news." thank you so much. rushed into booking one.
7:49 am
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♪ all right, "pop news," it's adrienne. >> let's get it. all right. starting things ofwith a ♪ it's a story of a house named brady ♪ ♪ made famous in the '70s sitcom ♪ >> i'm making up the words. ♪ the owners put it on the market ♪ ♪ buyers attracted by its kitchen charm ♪ >> lovely writer terry mariani is giving me this. >> are we going to continue to sing? >> i really can't. i tried to -- >> that took guts to sing as much as you did. that was great. >> i'm trying. she wrote a whole song of this and it's so smart. >> terry, good job. >> but guess what, let me do it without the music. ♪ a bidding war winner came forward and it's a man of international fame ♪ ♪ a former member of the band 'nsync, yes, lance bass is his name ♪ that's totally off key. okay. the point is he posted on twitter, super excited to
7:54 am
announce they accepted my offer on "the brady bunch" house last night. this is going to be a fun project. we have an update on the story that may make you want to cry. lance says a hollywood studio just outbid him. >> oh. >> so the brady house is bye-bye-bye. ♪ bye-bye >> i got the whole thing. i got it all. >> saw what you did. >> terry, i have to say our veteran writer for "pop news," that was the best writing ever. i apologize for -- >> she's over there with her face in her hands. >> i apologize that i couldn't sing the whole thing. i really was like i'm going to get it but going along with the music was hard. it seems everything old is new again in hollywood which is why we're talking about another reboot. there's word that the hit '80s sitcom "facts of life" may be coming back. >> tootie. >> can we sing this too? >> with leonardo dicaprio and jessica biel in negotiations to produce the project. "facts of life" -- >> i thought you were saying leonardo dicaprio was going to star in it. >> no, no. >> that's a good guess. >> i want to know who he's going to be, but bottom line, we might be seeing it come back. i want to make sure i get all these stories in. hollywood superstars
7:55 am
and best friends, ben affleck and matt damon are joining forces for a new project, the first in over a decade. deadline reports the pair were involved in a milliodobiwal brin trry to thradago aboexopho rigged a mcdonald's monopoly game and with help stol $24 million. you heard it here first. >> cool. next, they may not be playing a note -- i'm going to do speed "pop" here -- but they were making plenty of noise at the u.s. air guitar championships. ♪ this year, the national fight held right here in new york city overnight. call it a combo of sports, rock. performance art, yeah. contestants were judged on technical merit -- >> hold on. hold on. eva wants to know is this your heavy metal voice? >> yes. >> it's a little scary. >> stage presence, they were judged on stage presence, what's called the ineffable quality of airness. this year's winners -- >> the ineffable quality of airness? >> yes. >> the winner is georgia lunch. i think her real name is
7:56 am
britt diaz. she was an underdog and she will go on to compete in the international competition in finland. >> is there money here? >> i feel like there's a lot of beer beforehand. >> yeah. final word of the day? >> stay tuned for george. >> bye. >> stay tuned for george. >> bye. >> stay tuned for george. >> bye. good morning, america. . abc 7 mornings -- >> all news -- >> all morning. >> good morning. i'm kate larsen. unfortunately, a seventh death has been reported in the battle against it will carr fire. it was a pg&e worker. the company tells abc 7 news the crew member was doing restoration work in shasta county when some sort of accident happened. pg&e says it is working with law
7:57 am
enforcement to investigate right now. this comes as president trump approves a major disaster declaration. the carr fire has destroyed more than a thousand homes in and around redding. more evacuations near the mendocino complex fires. the fires have once again erupted in size. the ranch fire, the larger of the two, has now scorched more than 207,000 acres. right now, that fire is 23% contained. the river fire, which is threatening lake county, has burned nearly 48,000 acres and is now 58% contained. evacuation orders are now in effect for three counties, with the flames headed towards colusa county. combined, the fires have burned nearly 255,000 acres, making them the largest in the state right now. frances dinglasan is here right now with a look at our weather. frances? >> and it should be less hazy today, kate, because of a stronger sea breeze. so we have this westerly flow, pushing all the clouds in. temperatures right now, mainly in the 50s. san francisco, 54. but oakland, i mean, rather, san jose, already at 67 degrees. today's highs will be a little bit cooler compared to
7:58 am
yesterday. breezy at the coast, as well. low 60s in half moon bay to low 90s inland. and then get ready for some hot weather. high pressure builds. we'll see triple-digit heat wednesday, thursday, and friday. even around the base, mid-80s, and at the coast, in the mid-60s. today will be breezy and gusty in the hills, up to 40 miles per hour. so temperatures will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday, but then tomorrow, things change and the warming begins and we'll be above average by tuesday and then really getting hot again wednesday, thursday, friday. kate? >> all right. >> all right. looks >> all right. looks i can do more to lower my a1c. and i can do it with what's already within me. because my body can still make its own insulin. and once-weekly trulicity activates my body to release it. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults
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8:00 am
george stephanopoulos starts right now. president trump on the trail and on the attack. >> russian witch hunt. a democrat-inspired witch hunt. >> leading the campaign against robert mueller, calling on the attorney general to stop the investigation right now. >> this tweet strikes me as very close to obstruction of justice. >> he used the word should, he didn't use the word must. >> his new concern about his son, don jr., sparking trump's ire in that high stakes game of chicken with the special counsel, will trump submit to an interview or risk a subpoena from mueller. are these attacks on the investigation obstruction of justice? tough questions ahead for president trump's lawyer, jay sekulow, in a "this week" exclusive. and -- >> i love ohio.
8:01 am
>> with a critical house election coming tuesday, the


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